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Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeed with Confidence:

Getting off to a Great Start 

This two hour course focuses on the simple steps you can take to ensure that you and your baby establish a great breastfeeding relationship from the beginning. You will learn ways to avoid common stumbling blocks and have all of your concerns and questions addressed. You will feel ready to embrace your baby and learn together how to connect, communicate, latch, feel content that you are both doing well. You will define your goals for this breastfeeding relationship and increase your awareness of support that is available.

Dates: (all classes on Zoom due to covid)

June 1, 2022

July 6, 2022

August 3, 2022 

Fees:  $25

Register here.

Breastfeed with Confidence:

Prenatal Colostrum Harvesting

This private class will cover how to hand express and store colostrum to take to the hospital when labor starts.  You will receive the tools and learn the techniques. Beneficial for all but especially critical for those with risk factors such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, small baby and more.

Dates:  offered privately. Contact
Fees: $50.00

Breastfeed with Confidence: ” What are you up to?” baby weight check with tea/cookies. Connect with Others

This informal gathering is a chance to share a cup of tea, try a “lactation cookie” and check your baby’s weight to affirm that breastfeeding is going great. If it’s not, we’ll make a plan for next steps.

Dates: tba
Fees: $20

Breastfeed with Confidence: Pump It: strategies for going back to work/school & flange fitting

This personalized course will focus on preparing you for maintaining your breastfeeding relationship with your baby when you return to work. You’ll feel confident that you know how to make the transition back to work smoothly. You’ll know all the tips and tricks to store milk, maintain your supply, pump efficiently. Bring your questions and get them answered. Bring your pump and make sure your using the best flange size.

Dates: Offered privately (in person) Contact for registration info.

Fees: $75